VEX Wiki pages are gone?!?

Hi there - I noticed yesterday that all of the pages are now offline?? Google still shows them in search results (try “vex wiki power expander” for example) but when you click on Google’s result (or just click on, it rerouts to the vex “batteries & chargers” page (not even the power expander page). When you try to go to the wiki home page, and many other wiki pages (including, say, the cortex wiki page), you get 404: Page not found.

Is there a way to access the content that used to be there? Or is all of the information from the wiki contained in the “product info” tabs at the bottom of each product page? It seems like I always found obscure, useful information on the wiki pages that I could not find anywhere else, even if the pages themselves looked like they were from a 1997 website.

It would at least be nice if the wiki pages rerouted to the actual product page if that’s where the information now resides.

Please advise. Thanks.

Leslie Peters, coach
Renegade Robotics, Team 1666

Good question.

Yes, we made the decision quite some time ago to “kill” the wiki. While doing so, we moved all the most pertinent, and up to date information to each particular product page. This way we can have everything in one centralized location.

On the note of the Power Expander wiki page being redirected to the wrong page, that was a result of it accidentally getting caught under a different redirect. However, it has been fixed to now point to the correct place. Thanks for the catch.