VEX World Coaches Association & VEX IQ World Wide Coaches Association

Here is an invitation for adult Coaches, Mentors, and Teachers to join the VEX World Coaches Association, and the VEX IQ World Wide Coaches Association.

These facebook groups are a place where adult mentors, coaches, and teachers can share ideas and discuss topics that pertain to building high quality robotics programs. While the VEXForum discussion usually centers around the current game and robot building, the World Coaches discussions are usually about building better overall programs and sharing information important to the robotics organization (things like how to raise money, organize equipment, run events, etc.).

Students, if your mentor/coach/teacher is not a member, please encourage them to join!

Here are the links to join the group(s):
VEX World Coaches Association
VEX IQ World Wide Coaches Association

The groups are moderated, and to be accepted into the group you must answer all three questions!


Is there an alternative for those who don’t do Facebook?


Unfortunately, no, not for these groups.

But you could open a facebook account and only look at the groups :slight_smile: It’s what I do personally.


Or you can do what I do, and refuse to use Facecrud for any reason. The tracking cookies with the ad presenters reach much farther and live much longer than the 15 mins on Faceslime. I never go to a company or business that has their info on Faceidiots. TBH, I would walk away from VEX Robotics Competitions if RECF said Faceweasles was the primary message platform.


As far as I know, these FB groups are not official VEX but I do find them useful.

That is correct. These groups are not affiliated officially with VEX or RECF, but there are lots of VEX and RECF people in the groups.


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