VEX Worlds 2016 Live Streams Locations

I have had a look on the forums and YT and can not seem to find the live streams for worlds, I was wondering are they out there, if so were.
THX for the help
Team 2918 GCEC

The livestreams for VEX Worlds can be found at
Note - Each division was streamed on a different channel. You will need to change the “#” in the link above to a number to find the streams you are looking for. The channel list is as follows:

1 - Freedom Hall Ceremonies / Skills Challenge Finals
2,3 - VRC Middle School
4,5,6,7,8 - VRC High School
9,10 - IQ Elementary School
11,12 - IQ Middle School

Most matches can be found

Why is this so complicated and not obvious? Shouldn’t revisiting the VEX World Championship be easy?