VEX Worlds 2020 location

What’s everyones thoughts on Dallas??


I preferred the expo center for how close it is to me, but a change of pace will be fun

I think it’s a pretty solid choice, since it’s April-May, it won’t be at it’s peak Texas heat. It’s closer to me which makes it easier for me. Kentucky frankly didn’t have a lot to do, site Louisville Slugger was cool, but that was one of the only things to do for me. But Dallas has some pro sports teams, you could take a stadium tour, or catch. A Rangers game in their new ballpark. I’m excited about the move!

I really don’t want to drive to worlds then back home everyday. It won’t be the same as flying to Kentucky. But at least since I’m close we can probably bring a field and it would be cheaper.

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What are they going to do for the after party??

They had an afterparty the first year in Dallas at one of the museums I believe.

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guys guys its dallas from 2021-2024 dont get too excited

I’m not getting your point.

It isn’t worlds 2020

Ok, what is your point?

@FaZe_420, oh, are you referring to the name of the topic? Yeah, dalllas is starting in 2021 not 2020. However, near the beginning of the topic it was being discussed if worlds would still be in Louisville for 2020 and the conversation changed a bit later about how worlds will be in Dallas in 2021-2024


@vexvoltage yes that is what i meant

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Kentucky seems fine. it is near center of the US so it nearly equal for everyone state crossing wise

@ketchup, you don’t have to comment on every single old topic.

Please, let them fade.

Last time somebody was commenting on every topic a little sour patch man woke up.


It’s supposed to be in Kentucky


Pls lock this thread is dead

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It’s inevitably going to lock anyway. He doesn’t have the time to lock threads that will eventually close anyway. Don’t ping him unless it’s absolutely necessary. Plus, it will help if anybody needs to know. That’s how I figured out where worlds was.

Threads don’t lock naturally. The only way to lock it permanently is to have an admin do it. I could @ joe Armani now instead but I already @ drow so there’s no point. Now that this thread is at the top, people may respond to it keeping it up here despite the question being answered long ago. That’s why we lock threads. If u looked around for a bit, there are many times when things like this happened when someone revived a dead thread and it had to be locked. Also, people can look up this thread if they ever need to know where worlds is. I’m not trying to be rude or anything. The forum has its own way of doing things and it can take some time for some one new to absorb it all. It took me months.

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You can do that?!? Oops. You live you learn. Thx