VEX Worlds 2020 location

Did they mention where VEX Worlds 2020 will take place?
Because I heard before that this year will be the last one in Louisville.


It hasn’t been announced yet. I assume it will later on, maybe at the EP Summit.


I heard somewhere that they reupped with Louisville for one more year.

Looks like VEX Worlds is confirmed for 2020 at the Kentucky Expo Center again for April 23-28.



I’m good with it staying in Kentucky


image uhh i don’t see anything here… maybe i’m in the wrong place?

i see it. just use the link given

@Blatherskite Visit this link and scroll down to April 2020. It isn’t on their website’s official website calendar yet.

I know im late but we confirmed that this year (2019 - 2020) will be the last year in louisville, the 2021 world championship is going to be in Dallas, Texas

What’s your source for this? @DanMantz confirmed in this post that the venue for VEX Worlds 2021-2024 had not yet been selected.

Just ignore it i guess, its just leaks, nothing official

yeah i herd it would be in texas as well i was talking to the merch people

I also heard dallas, but if Dan Mantz says a venue hasnt been selected, it probably means a venue hasnt been selected.

Or he just wants to keep us excited.

he said this a month ago, i got this confimirmed by my REC rep a few days ago. (Tbh it was prob between chicago and dallas) Its in dallas, they could narrow it down in a month

Is there a venue in Dallas that could hand;e this event? Convention center attached to a stadium? We are in Louisville for a reason…


dallas has been rumored for a long time, you rep might have heard that a long time ago before anything was official

Did anybody tune in to the press conference? It sounds like it’s been decided

Dallas confirmed!!!


Thank you!