VEX Worlds 2020 SWAG

Hello everyone,

Teams 141A / 141B purchased wristbands to give away at Worlds. With everything that happened, we now have about 1000 of these collecting dust.

I suppose we could throw them away, but that seems like a waste. They have been washed in diluted bleached, so no Corona virus is on them.

Our school colors are black and purple. These are a nice swirl of the two colors and they say “VEX IQ Worlds 2020 Leo Robotics Teams 141A / 141B”.

What I’d like to do is work out a swap. We have seven students on these two team and if teams would like to send us seven of their Worlds 2020 SWAG items, I’ll send some of ours. As both sides cover their respective postal costs, it comes out as a wash.


– Joe


See how many you can put around a watermelon :joy:

Sorry for the dumb response If I think of something better I will let you know.


You can always give them out next year.

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