VEX Worlds pit area

Hi all,
Our team just got invited to VEXWorlds for the first time. We have never been and could use some advice! Any advice will appreciated! To start with, I have a question, it looks like from the photos teams get a table or pit area. What is a pit area? Should we bring banners and swag to share with other teams? It looks like a lot of fun and we want to be prepared.

Thanks in advance!

Congratulations on the invite! Worlds is a great experience and I believe you will have a great time.

A pit area is basically a table with a back curtain that you can work with you’re robot in, or really anything you want to do. As for the next question, most teams DO bring banners and/or swag to share with other teams, because it makes them memorable, and its also just fun to collect and give all of these different teams’ sticker or pins or whatever they give out.

Can’t wait to see you at worlds!

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Some teams also bring a field to put in the back of their pit area. This is useful as the practice fields are usually crowded and have a 10 minute limit.

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I know last year, they gave a map of where everyone’s pit was a couple weeks in advance from when worlds started, and all the areas were sectioned off with numbers that would hang on the ceiling. Last year we were in section 5 area, and when we entered the convention center for the first time it was really easy to see the hanging number and generally around where we were. Pits are also in numerical ordered, so that way a club like us that is sending two teams to worlds can all be next to each other. It’s nice in that way, however sometimes a pit will be all the way on the other side of the division field that team is competing on. So just pray that your pit will be somewhat close to your division field area, because sometimes it’s just dumb luck to have to always travel from one side of the center to another. My team brought a cart, which is really nice so that we don’t have to constantly carry the robot from one place to another. Highly recommend doing that.

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These are all great tips! thank you very much and keep them coming! This is so helpful!

The 2019 VEX Worlds FAQ will answer many questions:
2019 VEX Worlds Frequently Asked Questions

The pit is 10’ x 10’ for each team with a single 6 ft by 2.5 ft table. Everyone gets two chairs, a single outlet and trash can.

Definitely bring swag, makes it fun for the kids to share. We normally bring buttons, something interesting from our State and a banner that we put at the back of our Pit Area. Other teams get really creative with their swag, it’s fun for everyone. :slight_smile:


If you are from a team in the English-speaking world, I suggest that you plan to visit teams that are NOT native English speakers. It makes the event more international for the students, and some of the non-North American teams bring great stuff to give out. :slight_smile: