Hello Everyone,

Today, I’d like to announce something pretty awesome that has been in the pipeline for a long time now. May we present to you the VEXCast!
The VEXCast is a monthly talk show about the VEX Robotics competition, hosted on Twitch!
The members of of the VEXCast include:

  • Tabor, Little bit of everything including working on ROBOTC
  • Jacob, 69
  • Tom, 8059A
  • Abhinav, 1104
  • Thomas 1104X
  • Harrison, 523T (Former 62, Skyrise)
  • Griffin S, 4476
    Our first show will be on January the 24th at 4PM PST/7PM EST.

We will be talking about some of the following topics, and even more:

  • Programming Tips & Tricks
  • Top Plays of the Month
  • Building Tips & Tricks
  • Youtube Spotlight
  • a Look @ the Forums

The link to our twitch channel is here, be sure to follow us:
Be sure to tweet at us using @The_VEXCast, because we’ll be taking live questions.

Cool! I will be watching!

Thanks for not doing it on a Saturday (tournaments). Will you be doing most of your shows on Sundays?

All of our webcasts will be on Sunday evenings, seeing as we have tournaments ourselves, as well as having to schedule around the time difference with Tom in Singapore.

Thank you! I’m Excited to watch

will you be posting the videos on youtube after the twitch stream?

Yes! More info on the channel after the first stream!

Awesome guys!
Here is a discussion all of my teams want to learn about… Linear punch structures.
Thanks! Can’t wait to watch!

We will definitely consider that as a discussion topic for this week, or a future episode.

Thought I should say a few words for Tom (of 8059A)… Since I don’t think many people know about him.

He was the chief builder of that robot-in-1-day 8059A robot. Enough said.

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Ya we are really happy to have him. It really helps round out the group when we have so many different regions and countries represented.

We hope everyone tunes in for our first cast in a couple days, we have been putting a lot of time into preparing and making sure we have the best people to talk about the state of the game. Also a nice bonus, a lot of good skills teams are competing this weekend so we should be seeing some nice spikes for us to analyze.

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I’m excited! Looks very cool

I am excited to watch it

Excited for VEX Cast!

Hey everyone.
The VEXCast team wants to thank everyone who turned into our first episode of The VEXCast. We started off with a few (okay, many) technical difficulties, but managed to fix them as we went on. However, during the second portion, we were able to discuss better content, and the show definitely picked up then. At the end of the night, we averaged at about 60 viewers (YAY) while our Twitch follower count has gone up to 49, our stream page has received 373 views, and our Twitter account with 17 followers. Overall, we believe it was a decent start for our first episode.
Our future episodes will ideally centre on similar concepts, along with a bit more education. We’d like to ask everyone to fill out a suggestion form, so that we can mould our future episodes around what you guys want to see. We will release our next webcast date early next month.
Suggestion Form:
Once again, thanks everyone, and we hope that you enjoyed the show.

Hey Everyone,
I wanted to speak to a point that some people had brought up.
We actually do archive all of our videos on both YouTube, and Twitch.
A disclaimer: All of the views expressed in The VEXCast are our own, and do not represent our team’s or employer’s views.
Our first video is here: .

Guys I am glad you started this! Yeah the 1st 1/3 was junk due to tech problems, but the 2nd half was great. I was really into looking at the past, present, and future for planning purposes. One thing that irritated me was that dang chime that went off when somebody joined. It knocked out most of your voices. The videos were cluncky at first as well, but overall I cannot wait for the future editions.


We’re fixing all of the problems for the future, as of 5 minutes ago, we’ve redone our branding, and are following the VEX Style Guides! We’re moving from ooVoo, which was the video software we used last time, to discord for audio, and skype for video.
Additionally, I found a way to get video to stream at 30fps from youtube, so get hyped for that! We tried to test all of our software a few days before, but it didn’t work amazingly well, so we changed technologies without testing, it was a mistake, rest assured that we will be testing before the next stream. For the sake of transparency, I’ll say this, we’re working on structuring the show a bit more, so people don’t cut each other off. We’re also redesigning our layout, as it was lackluster, to say the least. While it wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, It definitely went well.

I’m looking forward to what you have planned in the future. Thanks to all those involved for being a part of this.

We would also like to take the opportunity to invite everyone to like our Facebook page. Thanks to everyone who has sent in feedback so far!