VEXcode IQ Blocks - iPad won't connect

Our iPads will not connect consistently to the robot brains. Here and there, it will connect for a moment, but I cannot figure out any pattern as to when they connect and when they won’t. IT has removed all firewall restrictions but this has not solved the problem. Any advice? Thank you.

First, make sure you follow the steps on how to connect:

Next, make sure that all of your firmware is updated on your VEX IQ Brains:

Lastly, make sure that your VEX IQ Controller is turned off while trying to wirelessly download. Also make sure that the Smart Radio is fully plugged into your VEX IQ Brain.


Hey! I have the same issue as stated in the first post, but I cannot get it to connect at all. I’ve run through the steps in the help post, and my firmware is updated. The Blocks program just sits and spins, waiting for a connection that never arrives. Any thoughts?