Vexcode Pro issue

I have a pretty large issue at the moment that has been going on for quite some time. Vexcode pro every once in a while (5-60 minutes) crashes unexpectedly. It gets very annoying as vexcode does not auto save.

Also, as of right now, any time I use the copy and paste commands within my code, it crashes.

Just get in the habit of saving after writing every new line. It is cntrl + s on windows and cmnd + s on mac.


Thats what ive been trying to do but saving after every single line is just unrealistic for me especially as I have multiple thousand lines of code.

how do you have a thousand lines of code?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Right now I have about 3000 give or take. The majority of it is creating long variables and functions that make programming down the line (autonomous) easier.

I also have an x drive which makes everything a little more complex.

youll notice that some teams have upwards of 10,000 lines.

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It is literally 2 buttons, you can make time.


ok that makes sense
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Yes because I have to for vexcode to work properly. That just it though. I shouldn’t have to worry about vexcode crashing all the time.

Wow, just Wow. I’ve built multiple business systems with less lines of code.

Can you post a repository link to your code?


Ill have to make all of that work again as I dont actually use git but I can maybe PM you. I dont want my code floating around on the forum.

I should also add that its not all in the same program, thats spread across a few different ones

Hey! I am Tyler, one of the VEXcode developers.

This issue has been one we have looked in to a lot for Pro, and while looking in to it we have also been developing a VS code extension that will be able to replace VEXcode Pro for advanced users. It’ll support C++ and Python as well, and you can import your projects from VEXcode Pro so you don’t need to remake anything.

The beta will be coming out in the next couple weeks!


Will this run on macOS Monterey and/or Ventura?

Yup! The goal is Windows and Mac definitely. We’ll have more updates on what is specifically supported later.


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This happened to me a while ago and deleting and reinstalling the Big Sur beta of VEXCode worked for me (If your on Mac). I think it had something to do with updating to Monterey.

Hey everyone! The VEX Robotics VS Code extension had it’s first preview release and is now available!