VEXcode V5 3.0.0 Update - Enabling the power of VEXcode Switch

VEXcode V5 version 3.0.0 is now available. It can be downloaded here: Download VEXcode - VEX Robotics

VEXcode 3.0 Update - Enabling the power of VEXcode Switch

In the intersection of technology and education, facilitating a smooth transition for students between different learning stages is essential. With this understanding, the VEXcode 3.0 update introduces the capability for VEXcode Switch progression technology. This allows a smoother shift from block-based to text-based programming for physical VEX robots.

Why Consider VEXcode VR Switch Mode?
Many who have ventured into coding can attest to the challenges of transitioning from block-based interfaces, which provide a visual representation of logic, to text-based programming. For students, this shift can seem intimidating and might even deter some.

VEXcode Switch mode aims to alleviate this challenge. It enables students to integrate block-based code with its text-based version, simplifying the transition and making it more intuitive.

Currently exclusive to VEXcode VR Premium, this feature has undergone five years of development and research to attain its present form. While VEXcode Switch isn’t available for physical VEX Robots yet, beta versions will be released this fall for preliminary testing.

Learn more about how VEXcode Switch is used today in VEXcode VR from the VEX Library:

VEXcode Switch will be part of a free update to physical robot versions of VEXcode (IQ 2nd Gen, EXP, V5) in the future - stay informed for more in-depth insights and beta versions of VEXcode Switch in the coming months!

What’s New:

  • Major VEXcode core updates for increased stability and to support future enhancements
  • Blocks projects now use Python when downloading projects

Change Log:

  • Enhanced the core Blocks interface of VEXcode for increased compatibility with computing devices and to support future features.
  • Introduced a feature that automatically updates all blocks using the old name to the new name when renaming devices in VEXcode.
  • Added a feature that disables any blocks using a device instead of generating errors on download when the device is deleted in VEXcode.
  • Enabled users to delete and rename broadcast events within a Blocks project.
  • Added a new example template for the VRC 2023-2024 Herobot “Striker”.
  • Introduced translation support for Hungarian and Italian languages.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate names between variables and broadcast event names were preventing projects from being downloaded.
  • Addressed an issue where using a “not” operator block on sensing blocks could potentially cause unexpected results and build errors.
  • Rectified an issue where the Blocks-generated Python code was creating problems when no objects were detected using the Vision Sensor.
  • Resolved an issue where invalid Drivetrain gear ratio settings were preventing a project from being downloaded.