Vexcode V5 6 Motor Drive Train Programming

Hi Everyone,

We decided to add a 6 motor Drive Train to our robot. We already built it but ran across problems when we went to program it. We are using Vexcode V5. We currently have been using blocks but tried in Python as well and didn’t have any results. Does anyone know how to program this?

you cant use the drive train feature, but you can do something like this

    Right.spin(forward, Controller1.Axis2.value(), percent);
    Right2.spin(forward, Controller1.Axis2.value();, percent);
    Right3.spin(forward, Controller1.Axis2.value();, percent);
    Left.spin(forward, Controller1.Axis3.value();, percent);
    Left2.spin(forward, Controller1.Axis3.value();, percent);
    Left3.spin(forward, Controller1.Axis3.value();, percent);

this is just simple tank control, and is just setting the motor percent to be the controller’s axis values.
(this is in VEXcode v5 pro with C++, but you can do something similar in python or blocks)

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In VEXcode Python or C++, you can set up a drivetrain with more than two motors on each side, just not through the graphical configurator – just create a motor group for each side and pass those groups to the drivetrain or smartdrive constructor.


i had no idea you could do that, thank you!

Could you provide an example of how to do this?

see this, should still be valid.


Thank you all so much! We got it to work!

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