VEXcode V5 Block iPad App Update

Any update as to when it will be submitted for Apples approval?

What do you mean are you asking when vexcode is coming to IOS

As Bluetooth was just added to V5, we’re working on building up the support for VEXcode V5 Blocks on iPad and Android. I would expect something in Late December at the earliest, most likely in the January time frame.

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Can we expect this to come out this month?

We’re now targeting a Post-Worlds release timeframe (May) for most new feature, as we’re hesitate to release too many new features/functionality (aside from bug fixes) before major competitions.

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thanks for the update - it would be good to update the VEXCode V5 Text for Chromebook release?

It would help a lot of teams.


We’re working on new website updates today… the new Knowledge Base just went live as well ( -> - so lots of things to adjust.