VEXcode V5 Text Preview

Who else here is using VEXcode at Worlds?


unix build for platform vexv5 make: Nothing to be done for all. [info]: build completed!
The bug is back! When I change code in a header file (but not in main.cpp) it doesn’t try to compile the new code, and I have to make a small change to main.cpp for it to even try.

Code generally should not be in .h files. The make should be looking for c/c++ source files.

So not a bug, but a use case issue.

It all depends on where the header file is. The default makefile looks in the src folder for .c and .cpp files, it also looks for those files in one additional level of folder inside src. It considers header files in the include folder only, if you have deviated from this structure the project may not build correctly, it’s up to you to modify the build files accordingly.


What is the planned support for custom electronics for v5. I am interested in using vexcode but as vexu I also want to try custom electronics. Will there be a way to connect a smart port to an Arduino and communicate with vexcode

You can already use VEXcode (and VCS) to interface to custom electronics using a smart port as a generic serial RS485 port. There’s only a C API at the moment, and little documentation, we will probably add a C++ API before next season.
Contact me for more details and I can provide some sample code.


do you know if it is possible to upload the pros libraries to vexcode so that we could use 2d motion profiling in vexcode

If you want the PROS libraries, why not just use PROS?

If it’s the VEXcode editor that you like, then just use PROS with the Visual Studio Code IDE.


but why

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If you want PROS, use Visual Studios

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It’s possible if you know what you are doing.
All user programs, and PROS is really just a different type of user program, are built on the same base SDK. I showed a simple graphical representation of that in this post.

but, as others have said, if you really want the PROS API then use PROS. If you just want the 2d motion profiling then you could port that part over, it’s all open source.


Finally ctrl+f works!

Hey i love using Vexcode but i noticed that for rotation units it only has rev and deg but not raw like the vcs api has so i was wondering if there was any other way to get the raw tics of the motor.

It has raw, it’s the same (updated) SDK as VCS. Can you post an example that does not compile ?

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raw here is a screen shot and here is the code vex::task Arm(){while(true){AL = -ArmL.rotation(raw);AR = ArmR.rotation(raw);vex::task::sleep(60);this_thread::sleep_for(10);}}
it lets me use degrees and revolutions but it wont let me use raw



we do not define a global in the vex namespace for raw, (as far as I can remember we didn’t in VCS either)

If you use raw a lot, then you could create your own global

rotationUnits  raw = rotationUnits::raw;

i didn’t try using in in VCS just i saw it in their api and thank you for your help

It said “could not launch backend services!” when I ran the program. How do I fix it?

@doge I would recommend creating a new topic for this issue and providing a bit more information on your issue.


VEXcode V5 Text Preview 4 is now available!

It can be downloaded here:
Mac -

Here is a summary of changes from Preview 3:

  • Updated compiler and language tools (This fixed numerous bugs with backend services)
  • Updated UI to be consistent across all VEXcode apps
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with new files not being saved to disk correctly.
  • Updated launch screen and menu structure to make opening projects more streamlined.
  • Added a “Save As” function to create a copy of your currently opened project.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

NOTE: Newly created Preview 4 projects will not open in Preview 1-3. But you will be able to open Preview 1-3 projects in Preview 4.

Known Bugs in Preview 4:

  • Moving folder in the project explorer does not work correctly.
  • On Windows the maximize button icon is not updating correctly.

This will be the final preview release for VEXcode V5 Text. Our next release will be version 1.0

We would like to say thank you to everyone in the community for helping to test and giving us some great feedback on all of the VEXcode V5 Text previews.

Please download this latest update and lets us know your thoughts.

VEXcode Team