VEXcode V5 Text Preview

yes. and many other shortcuts.


I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but every time I hit build, it closes all the other files except the main file.

I really love VEXcode. Thank you guys so much.

I don’t think we have seen that before.
Do you mean all open tabs close ? or do you mean it saves all files except the main file ? Any additional details you can give us ? (perhaps send me the project privately)

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This isn’t a real problem, since it doessn’t affect building, but in, it will try to mkdir build/src for every .cpp file. This fails and outputs a bunch of errors into the Output. Is these a way to modify the mkrules file to prevent it from attempting to create the directory if it is already there?

Thanks. we will try and get that fix into preview 2, it was an oversight on my part.

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We have a new channel here for further bug reporting and support questions.

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Thank you for your response, and I look forward to continued dialogue and transparency.

Looking back on my post, I realize I was quite negative and expressed none of the positive feelings I have towards VC, so I’ll share them now.

  1. It appears that the dev team truly has listened to community feedback and has pretty much given us what we asked for, and I commend them on that point.
  2. I think that VC does a good job of justifying its existence. Because it integrates the firmware updater and vision utility into itself it helps simplify the programming experience and is a great stepping stone for those trying to climb the programming ladder.
  3. Similar to the above, this seems like a proper replacement for RobotC, with quite a few features added.
  4. I love the choice to build on something solid like Monaco, and I hope that this will make the development process much easier/faster.
  6. The autocomplete looks great.
  7. A linter!

I think that the VC team has done a great job so far and that as long as development continues steadily it will be a solid programming platform for the competition.


Maybe, just maybe, if you started with an SDK-only approach (a set of headers, libraries and communication utilities), perhaps publishing the communication protocol right off the bat, there will be:

  1. Something usable out of the box with pretty much any C++ IDE worth its salt (About every C++ IDE I have worked with does integrate with custom, makefile based projects)
  2. Opportunity and motivation for the students to learn “real” IDEs, the same IDEs they may use one day for a job, or advanced class at school (“Look Ma, I am programming a VEX robot!”, “Look Ma, I am programming an industrial robot!”, “Look Ma, I am developing this autonomous car controller! In the same IDE as I was playing with robots few years ago.”)
  3. Easy portability to sane platforms (like Linux, sorry Chromebooks)
  4. Architecture that lends itself well to integration with existing IDEs, thus easy upgrade path to an “official IDE” like this VEXCode.
  5. Option to develop a full blown IDE on your own if still deemed really necessary (hint: It is much easier to downscale, simplify and clean up existing open source IDEs than to write your own. Especially when you get into complex language support features)
  6. Possibility for 3rd parties to provide better integration to their IDEs of choice (I mean random 3rd parties, not few selected under NDA).

But thanks for VEXCode! It’s a great upgrade for a big part of the users!


Actually, a plug-in for vscode or visual sutdio is enough.There’s no need to be so troublesome.

HALLELUJAH! Finally a text-based editor with (semi) wireless programming! Can’t wait to test this out!

There actually are some real technical limitations with the vscode extension API that prevented them from doing so.

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We’re working on adding an article to the Knowledge Base to cover all of the keyboard shortcuts in VEXcode, however in the mean time you can press F1 to view the command palette - this will show all available commands + their keyboard shortcuts.



Having a bit of an issue with compiling my converted VCS project. Every time I go to compile, I get several errors saying there are multiple definitions of variables all over the place, until the compiler gives up and spits out an exit code 2. The project runs/compiles just fine when used in VCS. Any help with this?

Also, I must say I’m loving VEXcode so far. Can’t wait to see where you guys go with this, this is a huge upgrade from VCS in every way, as far as I’m concerned.

So after playing around with the editor, here’s my suggestions for changes:

  1. Remember editor tabs location and visibility after restart
  2. Solidify saving files. It didn’t save the edits one time.
  3. Add abs() function (unless it’s fab() which I haven’t tried yet)
  4. Add option to change font + size.

That’s about it for now, probably would ask for more features that’ll make my life easier :wink:


Vex code looks really nice and professional. Starting with ROBOTC as an example but without 10 years of legacy code really made a difference.

Go to definition for example is one of the features that makes a big difference. It can guide students through learning a lot about programming just because they want to see how provided helper functions work.

Real keyboard shortcuts is great news too.


Linux ver and a .git ext would be great paths to explore

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I think your gonna need to upload your code? Probably start a new thread. My guess is you are using includes in a funky non standard way.

It’s there - look up the shortcut list F1 - on apple Command Up-arrow and Down-arrow change font size.

I’m only really using #includes pulled in during the import process, and using namespace vex. I could grab a shortened version of the code (I use a lot of comments) later on if you need.

  1. yes, we will consider doing that.
  2. ok, should be good but perhaps we still have bugs.
  3. abs() is available as far as I know.
  4. Font size is available (as @lacsap explained), we may move to different function keys later.
    changing the actual font used we may be able to do, but that’s not something we have looked at yet.