VEXcode VR 2.0 Preview - Python Support

The VEX Robotics team is happy to announce a big update to VEXcode VR! You can experience VEXcode VR by visiting

This new update includes the preview support for Python text-based projects in VEXcode VR. This release is the first of our set of VEXcode 2.0 releases over the next month. VEXcode V5 (C++ and Python) and VEXcode IQ (C++) developments are also underway and will be released throughout the month of June.

The Python support in VEXcode VR is based on a version of Pyodide and runs locally as a WebAssembly module. Not all of the Python 3.x language specification is supported due to browser limitations - you can find some details regarding limitations here.

The VEXcode team will be continuing to improve and expand Python support over the coming weeks and months in VEXcode VR, so please let us know of any issues you might experience with these new features.

Full change log is available below - as always, we love to hear your feedback and encourage you to post here on the VEX Forums or use the Feedback button within VEXcode VR.

Change Log:

  • Initial VR Python preview release
  • Resolved an issue with the “remainder” (modulo) operator in VR Blocks
  • Updated the Castle Crasher playgrounds to have wider red borders to help prevent robots from falling off the edge while using the down eye sensor
  • Resolved an issue with wall phasing (going through walls) in the Dynamic Maze playground
  • Improved information in the VR Blocks help pages
  • Resolved an issue with robot drifting to the side after picking up a disk while moving
  • Added beta support for German, Lithuanian, Finnish, and Turkish languages
  • Added 7 new tutorial videos
    • Loading on ChromeOS
    • Saving on ChromeOS
    • Moving and removing blocks
    • Saving on macOS
    • Loading on macOS
    • Saving on Windows
    • Storing data

I didn’t realize c++ would be coming to vexcode! Finally a good reason to not use robotc.

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It is important to note that you are talking specifically about VEX IQ.

For VEX EDR, VEXcode has supported C++ since its first release, and VEXcode and RobotC have mutually exclusive hardware support.


Great news. Is Python support for VEX IQ also on the roadmap?


Will VexCode V5 Text support Python soon?

There are no short term plans to add Python to V5 text.
V5 blocks will have simplified programming for both C++ and Python.
(also notice that branding is changing, see the features page)


Ok. thank you for responding!

Is there a way to campaign for this? I like using text for VIQ students hence my decade of yelling how much I like RobotC. Not happy with the modem line noise that is the C++ interface in V5 to use with the younger programmers.

It’s hard when you spend most of a programming session fiddling with syntax and not programming concepts.


You’ll still get Python as part of VEXcode V5 2.0 though, much like with VR and that’ll be just as usable for almost everything, just without the fancy editor.

Edit: ahhh, if you mean for IQ, I’ll leave the Python discussion to the professionals :rofl:

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Python in VEXcode Pro V5 (the new name) will happen. It’s just not a “short term” (3-4 months) window due to other priorities outlined previously:

  • V5 Python Preview: Mid June
  • IQ C++ Preview: Late June
  • V5 Python & C++ Preview: Early July
  • Polish, Bug Fixes, New Sensor Support, Tutorials, etc: July-August
  • 123 / GO Blocks development: Sometime in that same window above…

So the earliest we can take on “new” developments would be in September. It’s a priority for us, it’s just not a short-term priority due to other priorities.

Edit: The new “VEXcode V5” will have a similar interface to VEXcode VR with Blocks + Python in the same interface.


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