Vexmen component reveal part 1

Not really a full robot reveal - that will come later.

We did show and tell on components that made your robot work well and the little things that make a big difference on your robot playing skyrise.

These are ten teams from our Wednesday build nights. We’ll have more from our Tuesday teams later along with full robot reveals. Go see how the little things made a difference at the link below.

One of the most ingenuous robots was a middle school robot 80K - Magik. They always seemed to win the Amaze award this year and for good reason.

80K key mechanism

80K climbing the needle

That 80K robot looks very interesting. Is that the robot you intend to do a more complete reveal about? I would love to see it working in a video. I am always intrigued by out of the box designs.

That’s unique and quite fascinating! I haven’t seen anything like that this year. I, too, would love to see some videos of it.

I have to dig up some videos. My dropbox is full from all the pics we have been taking.

80K was a skyrise builder specialist. They had some exciting matches at PA States in the semi-finals they built nice high skyrises but they were just not quite fast enough to get cubes on there too. The wiggle of the robot moving up the needle made auton scoring harder too. So overcoming the 10 point auton was hard and eventually ended their run in the semi-finals.

They got picked by another team and were chosen to be the stronger robot running in each match over the captain.

The robot also had 5 wheels and ran on three driven wheels with two unfurled “wing” wheels for stability. They folded on an angle in the starting tile so people thought there was no way they would fit in the 18" box. They did!

Here are some pictures of 80K at the Great Valley Middle School Tournament on 1/17/15:



Here’s the video of it raising during our show and tell (had a little trouble this go around):

Here are some of 80K at PA States Middle School division: