VEXos 1.0.7 in RobotMesh

As a RobotMesh user, I am curious to know if RobotMesh will have VEXos 1.0.7 before worlds (as this update will be required). If anyone knows that would be fantastic. Thanks!

You can always update manually if necessary with the standalone firmware update tool, VCS, or VEXcode. While I’m sure Robot Mesh will push the update in time for Worlds, you certainly don’t have to wait to get the update through RMS.

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@John_TYler @Rick_TYler Can you confirm that this is the case? Thanks.

vexos V1.0.7 will be the same whether RobotMesh does the update or you use one of the other options. I would suggest you grab the standalone update utility from here.

If I use the standalone updater, will I still be able to program with RobotMesh despite the version of the brain being 1.0.7?

I checked RobotMesh with a 1.0.7 system last week.

Sweet. Thanks! :grin: