VEXRobotics by HEXBug kit

Our local CostCo is selling a 3-Pack HEXBug kits ( We’re getting ready to host our first VEXIQ tournament in a few weeks and expect to see some teams that have purchased and used them. We wanted to make sure we had the right answer during inspections, which seems to be: It is legal for the students to use the parts from those kits, with a few exceptions.

<R6> Robots may be built ONLY from Official Robot Components from the VEX IQ product line,
unless otherwise specifically noted within these rules.
    d. Mechanical/structural components, aside from those excluded below,from the VEX Robotics by
        HEXBUGproduct line are legal for robot construction. However, electrical components from the
        VEX Robotics by HEXBUGproduct line are illegal for robot construction.

The following mechanical and structural components from the VEX Robotics by HEXBUG product line are excluded
    i.  All rubber bands

<R10> Robots must use ONLY one (1) VEX IQ Robot Brain.
    a. Robot brains, microcontrollers, or other electronic components that are part of the VEX Robotics
        by HEXBUG, VEX EDR, or VEXpro product line are not allowed

Is there any advice on this or anything that we seem to be missing.

Getting a 404 on that costco link.

Unofficial response - HEXBug by itself is not legal, but “VEX Robotics by HEXBug” is. So looking at the link is important. Some HEXBug branded stuff is clearly not compatible with VEX IQ, like the HEXBug Battlebots and their arena. The stuff that is compatible will say VEX on it.

I fixed the link above, seems that the post editor shortened it:

It is three VEX Robotics by HEXBug kits in a bundle: Catapult, Snapshot and Crossbow.

From what I understand, those parts are legal for use since they are a part of the VEX product line as jrp62 mentioned. Those HEXBUGVEX kits are a great way to add some unique parts to your robot. You just can not use any of the electronics in competition.

Thanks! During inspection, we’ll make sure they aren’t using any non VEX IQ electronics or the rubber bands that come in the HEXBug Kits.

I grabbed the three of them at Costco. Nice set of parts, it has the cross piece that I’ve wanted. Plus parts that could be used as SHOCK ABSORBERS, something I’ve wanted in EDR for years. Will most likely go get another set to make sure I have 4 of them. When I unbox the parts, there are 2 bags of “standard” IQ parts and two with the special parts. Be a nice touch if we could buy the unique parts in a huge bundle.

Are the hexbug “gear Racer” and “Zip Flyer” kits legal?

Yes, they are legal parts.

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