VIQC Rise Above Game Manual Updates

This thread will be used to publish updates to the VIQC Rise Above Game Manual.

Please start a separate thread in this forum for unofficial discussion of any of these changes. For any official questions, please post in the official VIQC Rise Above Q&A.


On May 25, 2020, the following updates were made to the VIQC Rise Above Game Manual.

  1. Added a note to G4, confirming that robots may expand after the start of a match.

Note 2: Robots may expand beyond their starting size constraints after the start of the match.

  1. Updated Rule T1. This year, all events will require a Certified Head Referee.

The Head Referee must be an REC Foundation Certified VIQC Head Referee for the current season.

  1. Replaced Figure 19 with the correct Skills Layout.

  2. Other minor fixes

Replaced “Championship” in Rule T8b with “League Finals”
Typo in G9
Typos in G10 blue box