VIQC Rise Above Game Manual Updates

This thread will be used to publish updates to the VIQC Rise Above Game Manual.

Please start a separate thread in this forum for unofficial discussion of any of these changes. For any official questions, please post in the official VIQC Rise Above Q&A.


On May 25, 2020, the following updates were made to the VIQC Rise Above Game Manual.

  1. Added a note to G4, confirming that robots may expand after the start of a match.

Note 2: Robots may expand beyond their starting size constraints after the start of the match.

  1. Updated Rule T1. This year, all events will require a Certified Head Referee.

The Head Referee must be an REC Foundation Certified VIQC Head Referee for the current season.

  1. Replaced Figure 19 with the correct Skills Layout.

  2. Other minor fixes

Replaced “Championship” in Rule T8b with “League Finals”
Typo in G9
Typos in G10 blue box


On August 17, 2020, the following updates were made to the VIQC Rise Above Game Manual.

  1. Added a new paragraph to G1 stating that teams must abide by health & safety guidelines established at each event.

For the 2020-2021 season, some events may establish additional Health & Safety guidelines beyond the scope of this Game Manual. These guidelines will be communicated to all Teams in advance via Health & Safety notes associated with the event registration in RobotEvents. All Teams (including Students or any Adults associated with the Team) must abide by these guidelines as written. Violation of an event-specific Health & Safety rule may be considered a violation of G1 and/or the REC Foundation Code of Conduct.

  1. Updated the locations of Driver Stations, and corresponding figures throughout the manual.

  2. Updated G7. For the 2020-21 season, teams may elect to use one driver for the entirety of a match.

For the 2020-2021 season, Teams may elect to have one Driver in the Driver Station, instead of two. If only one Driver is present in the Driver Station, they may drive for the full Match, and a controller switch is not required. It is at the Team’s discretion whether they wish to have one Driver or two. If two Drivers are present in the Driver Station, then the standard controller switch rules in G7 apply.

  1. Clarified G17c.

In the context of this rule, “controlled” implies that the Robot was manipulating the Riser and not simply touching it. For example, if the Riser moves with the Robot either vertically or while turning, then the Robot is controlling the Riser.

  1. Update to T1

Violations of the REC Foundation Code of Conduct may involve additional escalation beyond the Head Referee’s initial ruling, including (but not limited to) investigation by an REC Foundation representative. Rules S1, G1, and G2 are the only rules for which this escalation may be required.

  1. Updated T9A

For tournaments that have more than 1 division, teams will be ranked among all teams in the event, i.e. there is no divisional ranking. The top teams, regardless of division, will advance to the Finals Matches.

  1. Added a new section to the manual, detailing rules and guidelines for remote Skills-Only events.

On October 1, 2020, the following updates were made to the VIQC Rise Above Game Manual.

  1. Added a new section to the manual containing rules and definitions pertaining to Live Remote Tournaments.

On December 1, 2020, the following updates were made to the VIQC Rise Above Game Manual.

  1. Updated the definition of “Team”

Teamwork is a core tenet of the VEX IQ Challenge, and the recommended Team size is 2-3 Students. However, in the 2020-2021 season, there may be local health guidelines outside of Team control that make it difficult for multiple Students to meet together on a regular basis. In these circumstances, one-Student Teams are a permissible exception to the recommended Team size.

  1. Updated RSE6 and LRT1 to include Field Inspection

Teams will complete a full Robot inspection in accordance with , as well as a possible field inspection at the Event Partner’s discretion.

  1. Updated RSE7-b

Driver(s) are not restricted to a specific Driver Station and are permitted to move freely around the field, provided that they do not obstruct the camera’s view of their field, Robot, Controller, or any Risers.

  1. Updated LRT1, bullet 4

A Team’s camera must be placed on the “audience side” of the field, i.e. with the orange Driver Station and Goal A on the left side of the screen

  1. Updated LRT3

Note: In a Live Remote Tournament, Drivers may stand in either of the Driver Station options shown in Figure 20.

  1. Updated minor typos.

To prepare for Live Remote VEX Worlds, the GDC has put together some clarifications and updates on key rules for LRT gameplay & inspection. See the link below for more information.

Live Remote VEX Worlds Update