Virtual Bots

Can someone give me a list of all the virtual bots and simulators that you can use for vex robotics to test your code and your build design digitally?

By virtual building do you mean like CAD?
I use Fusion 360

Ok. Can you test your code in that too?

No i dont think so
20 char

Can you do vex on tinkercard?

Probably not? I’d recommend Fusion though

Is there a way to get it for free

Yeah you can get a free education license

Oh Ok. Thanks. What do you say when they ask your Educational Institution because it said I wasn’t allowed a free supscription on my personal device.

And any other virtual bots an y one knows of?

Y’all knock it off with the misinformation. It’s not helping anyone.

CAD software can be used to model a stationary robot from scratch. You can use a parts library (just ask me) or model each part yourself. You could use Inventor, Fusion 360, Solidworks or many others. It would be a VERY good idea to get to know Inventor, especially if you plan on taking an engineering class in high school.

Robot Virtual Worlds (likely what you were referring to) is a PAID piece of software that goes with RobotC. It is good software, but expensive and as I hear it has a pretty high learning curve. VEX has an online challenge using Virtual Worlds, but most people don’t bother due to the costs of the software. RobotC is only for Cortex, so it’s likely not what you are looking for.

Robot Mesh Studio, likely what you are looking for has a ‘mimic’ feature that will let you model a robot with
a pre-made parts inventory. It is technically CAD software but it only works for VEX and can’t do everything, but it works good enough for what you likely need. Unlike most CAD it DOES have a physics engine. This will let you take your model and run code with it. It will also let you simulate the V5 brain screen. It works for V5 and Cortex. You can code in a C++ language which is almost identical to VCS (boo!) and VEXcode. I believe that the only difference in the languages is the waitForTime command. You can also code in a number of other languages like Javascript and Python. You should use this if you want to test code on software. @John_TYler will know more about this.

Any code that you write in VCS, VEXcode, PROS, conVEX or others that I haven’t mentioned above have no way of simulating your code without porting it over to another piece of software.

If there is anything I missed I’m sure @jpearman, @John_TYler, @Rick_TYler, or @hotel would love to correct me. I hope this information has proved useful.


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