Virtual worlds bug

Hello in the virtual worlds online challenge there is a bug where climbing onto the centre platform from the red side awards you the alliance park and the centre park for a total of 9 points rather than the 6 points. This bug therefore allows you to gain three more points than you should normally be able to get. There is a rule saying “Any Player intentionally using glitches, hacks, or exploits in the ROBOTC or RVW environments to obtain a higher score than would normally be possible is subject to disqualification from the competition.”
I fear that my run that i spent many many hours perfecting will be disqualified due to getting three extra points from this bug that is out of my control and i do not believe i have the time to get a run that achieves the same score but climbing the blue side platform. I also fear if i do manage to get the run without the 3 point glitch from parking red side i will not be in the running for winning since i do not have the 3 extra points it can give you to bolster your score or that teams that score the same score while scoring 3 less points officially according to the rules. My question is will the parking glitch be taken in to account since it is out of the control of competitors and will teams who use it be disqualified and if not will their score be counted using the glitch or taken back to a score with the real scoring system therefore removing the 3 points from their run.

Just a note i have tried emailing CS2N about this who told me to email Robotc support and Robomatter support. Robot C emailed a ticket received email to me but did not reply despite me sending an email in mid September and one early December. I worry i will not receive an email back from Robomatter since i only emailed them today with public holidays. This led me to post this on the forum hoping for a reply.
Thank you - Jacob
Parking 9 points.PNG

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for pointing this out to us. This is a known bug. Since this occurs for all participants, the virtual world will not be updated for the remainder of the competition. The Judges have been made aware of this, and will not penalize teams that utilize the center platform in their program.

Good luck!