Vision sensor course/tutorial

Where can I find a good course on using a vision sensor in VEXcode V5 text?

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dont use a vision sensor. they are unreliable at best and kill ports at worst.

I’ll work on a tutorial in the future… Right now I am gonna program the robot I’ve spent 1-2 weeks building first

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Hi Dreq2158U,

Can you please add specific critique to what you find the issues in the vision sensor to be? It would be helpful to have a specific list so that
A). Developers of the sensor have feedback to improve its firmware/functionality
B). Users can be aware and try to find workaround for these known issues.

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Ok heres a full explaination:

Vision sensors use a horribly unreliable algorithm, and you can’t implement your own since vex decided to use a really slow telephone cable for communication instead of a modern good standard like USB-C. My complaint about them killing ports is entirely anecdotal. Vision sensors are useful for some things, but I wouldn’t rely on them because slightly different lighting conditions can ruin their ability to “see”

That telephone wire actually carries electrons just as fast as a USB C cable of that length. The protocol running on that wire is pretty tight.

Color balancing for the lighting condition has been something that all robot vision systems need to do. There is lots of difference between sunlight, sodium vapor and mercury vapor lights that you find in gym/cafeteria settings.

Can you say some more about the issues you had with the software and what you would like to be able to do? People that can make changes to the software lurk on this board. So positive suggestions may appear in future releases. Thats what GABaxter was hinting at.

@Laine. Take a look at this thread, it has a link farther down to some code that you might find useful. You might also want to search the forum, there are some good threads about the sensor


I was referring to bandwidth, not latency.