Vision Sensor Wifi

I can’t seem to figure out how to use the wifi feature on my new vision sensor. I turned it on in settings, but my computer can’t seem to find the network to connect to. I’ve looked at all the available resources and I can’t seem to figure this one out.

There should be a wifi network called VISION_XXXX. See below. Mine was VISION_BF5F. Screenshot_20190531-154351

Once you have connected, send your browser to, like so: Screenshot_20190531-154538


I can’t find any wifi networks anywhere close to that.

I have all the settings on, but the sensor does not seem to be broadcasting any signals

Plugging it into my computer seems to make the wifi network go away. Try with it only connected to the robot and see if it shows up.

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I have tried it both plugged in and not plugged in. Didn’t work either way.

It seems to be working now all of a sudden

IIRC you need to enable wifi mode in the code, there is a command for that.
Also you can’t be in competition mode I think.
There might be something about running the code that disables it.

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Settings screen, Wifi on or off. There’s no need to turn on in code. It will be disabled if connected to field control.