Vision Sensor Won't Connect

My Vision Sensor won’t work properly. When I try to connect it to a computer it will flash white twice but when I open Vision Utility it shows up as disconnected and I cannot do anything. I have tried multiple computers, multiple Vision Sensors, multiple cords, and multiple ports. What should I do to make my Sensor work?

Make sure you are connecting the vision sensor to the computer via micro USB. I didn’t see it directly stated that you were doing that. You will not be able to configure if you are only connecting the vision sensor to a brain. Other than that, I don’t have any other advice.

Mac or PC ?
Which model of Mac or PC, which OS ?
Which vision sensor utility, the one with VCS ? or VEXcode ? or RMS ?

I’m using windows and I tried 2 vision sensor utilities. VEXcode and VCS

Open up the windows device manager and check that the vision sensor is detected.


I’ve opened it and tried. The device doesn’t show up.