Volunteer of the Year Award

I searched the Judge Guide for information about who determines the winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award, but I couldn’t find anything.

At the one tournament I’ve judged at so far, the recipient of award was seemingly chosen by the EP, and I don’t remember finding out the winner until the awards ceremony.

Do all tournaments have the EP choose the winner of Volunteer of the Year (and other awards given to individuals), or do some determine it another way?

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Pretty much EP’s discretion as to who gets Volunteer of the Year at their events. I know I do not give one every event, save it for end of season. This past year it went to a 5th grader who went to every event and did field resets and recruited his friends to help.


For Mentor and Teacher of the year at our Middle School Championship, we have teams submit nominations, same format as for Worlds and then review all the entries. Last year were two very good choices.

As EP for Regional Championship, I am not considered for those awards.


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