VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! - VEX Roblox Community-Made Worlds 2020

Hello, today I am humbly asking for anyone who is willing to provide assitance for the community-made virtual worlds I will be hosting. Currently, the virtual world event has 75 teams registered, which means it is going to be a really big virtual tournament. But I am only one man, who is not capable of doing everything on my own for so many people. So for that reason, I humbly ask for those who have time or experience to help me.
If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below:
Note: If you are competing, you are not allowed to volunteer unless you wish to opt-out of competing


When and what time is this virtual tournament exactly?

It was April 25th, but after a vote the date will be changed.
The official date is TBD, but it is likely going to be April 24th


Is there a way we can build our robots, I can go into the game but not really do anything

will i be able to change my job, i submitted the form

Unfortunately, I think roblox worlds is cancelled


Hey, it was an accurate simulation, as said by the man himself! It was cancelled just like worlds!


@Connor, are you still planning on running the Roblox Worlds event?

Edit: I hope so!

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I have cancelled the event sadly. For that reason, I have opened the doors to the pits and freedom hall so people can walk around and see the Kentuky center if they have not went to worlds in Kentucky (And sadly the last time for all people to see VEX Worlds in Kentucky) :slight_smile:


In a way, this makes it the truest 2020 worlds simulation.


Thank you for the information. Even if it won’t happen, the planning and creativity that went into the Roblox Worlds event was enjoyable to watch! :slight_smile: Have fun “attending” VEX Virtual Worlds and the Fantasy Robotics Tournament!


For those who put a lot of effort into making their robots, I didn’t want their robots to be lost. So, here is the CAD files (and material files) to their robots:
Robot CADs.zip (67.4 MB)
Note: The .zip file is BIG (60 MB) so it may take some time to download.

Thank you so much man! You too!

VRC Worlds Place download: VEX Worlds.zip (525.6 KB)


So could you make it so there are tournaments running? I just walked around that map and great great job! It would be cool if you could run matches

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