VRC In the Zone Q&A Summary

We’ve had a great summer of asking and answering questions about VRC In the Zone, and we’re now getting to the point in the season where many teams are starting to actually play this game in official events. It is always important for teams and referees to be familiar with the VRC In the Zone Game Manual before playing, and to know where/how to search for answers in the event of a dispute or uncertainty.

By this point in the year, many of the edge cases or subtleties not explicitly covered by the Game Manual have already been asked and answered on the Q&A forum. Yet, we still receive many questions each week that could be answered by a) reading the manual, or b) searching existing questions.

So, to help better serve teams, referees, and Event Partners, the GDC has compiled some of the most common and/or essential questions into a “Q&A Summary” document. This document contains links to precedent-setting responses and short summaries of the overarching themes behind our answers. It is our hope that this document will be a good starting point for teams to check before posting a question, as well as a training tool to empower referees as they make informed judgment calls during their events.

This summary assumes that you have read the VRC In the Zone Game Manual. It is a supplement, not a replacement, for the official Game Manual and Q&A Forum. The Q&A Forum is (still) the only source for official rulings and clarifications.

We will be posting periodic updates to the document as needed, probably once a month or so, until the Q&A closes for VEX Worlds in April. The latest version can always be found at the following link, or on RoboticsEducation.org, so be sure to check back often if you are searching for a particular question.


Last updated: January 30, 2018

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