VRC LRS division assignment and rankings

VRC LRS HS teams, divisions and rankings


VRC LRS MS teams, divisions and rankings


Rest in peace HS Jupiter division

Some data may not be accurate as some teams have no skills score at all. Excel vlookup cannot detect such situation.

I though that the division assignments were suppose to be by skill? Why on earth is 4478D with a score of 252 in Jupiter when the next highest score is 166?

that’s because 4478D had no score at all. excel calculation error. lol

put a 0 as your fourth arguement. That will make it come back with an #N/A and then use iferror to catch it.


good call! thanks. worksheet is now fixed.

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bug fixed. check again. :slight_smile:

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Random question, but what is the “Post Code” field in your spreadsheet?

Postal code

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Some of them are quite clearly not postal codes.

Oh. Retrieved postal code/zip code from robotevents. Lol

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Some of them come from other countries :exploding_head: