VRC Tipping Point Blend File

In case anyone needs the Tipping Point field in Blender, here it is.

To use this, download and extract the .blend file, then from your project go to file -> append then navigate to the .blend file. Double click on the file, then open the Objects folder, then select everything and hit Append.

I have rigged the platforms to wobble based on a controller object. image
Simply rotate this empty along the X axis, and the platform will move correctly. It is limited to the bounds in which the platform should be able to physically go.



you can also just copy and paste it into your own blend file, you dont have to append it


@Taran do you have an animation video from blender i can use as a reference

As a reference for what?

reference for motion i watched your video about animation in blender but i want to see the flow of the robot’s movement