VRC Turning Point Game Manual Updates


This thread will be used to publish updates to the VRC Turning Point Game Manual.

Please start a separate thread in this forum for unofficial discussion of any of these changes. For any official questions, please post in the official VRC Turning Point Q&A.


On June 15th, 2018, the following updates were made to the VRC Turning Point Game Manual. This update included several “red boxes”, which are used to provide additional clarification or explanation beyond the verbiage of a given rule.

  1. <G5> received a red box to clarify what is meant by “placed on the field promptly”.

  1. <G19> was appended with the following line:

  1. <SG2> received a red box to provide some guidance for the leeway associated with the 18" height limit and the Expansion Zone.

  1. <SG4> received a red box to explain the purpose of the Note in <SG4>.

  1. The definition of Hoarding and <SG5> were updated to change the Hoarding limit to more than two Balls or more than one Cap (i.e. more than the standard Possession limit). High Scored Caps and Possessed Game Objects do not count towards Hoarding.

<SG5> also received a red box.

  1. <SG11> received a red box to clear up the confusion between and <G11>.

  1. <R1> received the same red box that was included in last year’s VEX Worlds manual update, attempting to make it clear that teams should build their own robots.

  1. <R5e> was added, stating that V5 beta components are not legal for use. This was also included in the agreement that all beta participants signed.

  1. <R8g> was added, stating that “Vision Sensor distractions” are not permitted.

  1. Appendix B, the Robot Skills Challenge, was updated to clarify that Teams may only use one Ball as their Preload. The other three Preload Balls typically found in a VRC Turning Point Match are not used. This included changes to the image on the first page, , and .

  1. Several minor typo fixes.
  • Changed “weight” to “mass” in the definitions of Ball and Cap
  • Corrected the Post heights in the definition of Post
  • Changed “Scoring” to “Toggling” in <SG2>
  • Changed “Scoring Objects” to “Game Objects” in <SG7>
  • Removed several mentions of 3-team alliances or best-of-3 in the Tournament section
  • Added metric measurements to <R4>
  • Changed “nonfunctional” to “non-functional” in several places
  • Added part numbers to <R10>, <R12>
  • Changed “Skills Preload” to “Robot Skills Preload” in several places of Appendix B


On June 15th, 2018, Appendix E (the VEX U Appendix) received the following changes:

  1. was added, providing a protocol for ending the 45-second Autonomous Period early if both teams are finished. This has been successfully piloted at VEX Worlds for a few years and is now officially supported at other events as well.

  1. was changed to implement specific expansion rules for VEX U.

  1. was added, please don’t try to use a VEX t-shirt as a functional part of your robot.

  1. was expanded to specify what types of plastics and composites are permitted for use. A red box was also added to explain the intent of and provide some guidance for what “unlimited parts for VEX U teams” is supposed to mean.

  1. was added to specify what the pneumatic rules will be for VEX U this season.

  1. was added, regarding the VEX U Skills Challenge.


On August 17th, 2018, the following updates were made to the VRC Turning Point Game Manual.

  1. <G6> was modified to clarify that it applies across the entire season, not just at a specific event.

  1. The Notes in <G12> were re-written, and images were added, to better clarify what Platform interactions should or should not result in <G12> violations.

  1. Notes were added to <G17> to specify that some Net variance should be expected. (Q&A reference 1)

  1. The “Match Ladder” page was re-written to clarify that Event Partners may choose to run between 8 and 16 alliances at their discretion. The previous verbiage implied that this decision was mandated solely by the number of teams at the event, not by EP discretion.

  1. <R16c> was modified to clarify that custom cables are only permitted if they are made using V5 Smart Cable Stock. (Q&A references 1 and 2)

  1. Minor typo fixes.
  • Metric dimensions were fixed in <SG2>.
  • A missing “the” was added to <SG5>.
  • Changed “is” to “are” in <R16j>.


On August 17th, 2018, Appendix E (the VEX U Appendix) received the following changes:

  1. was moved to , since it is not a Robot rule. It was also modified to be consistent with the “Team Composition” section and clarify that students not enrolled in a post-secondary school are not eligible to participate on a VEX U team.

  1. A new was added, to clarify that VEX U teams may use additional fasteners than are permitted by the standard <R6c>.

  1. was updated to clarify that VEX U teams should follow the same License Plate rules as VRC teams.