Wanted: a device screen update

We all know and love the ‘devices’ screen when it comes to testing things. But I think it’s time it got some minor tweaks.

In light of the somewhat recent innovation of removing motor cartridges entirely, I would enjoy an update that modeled the data of a 0cart motor rather than just the options for cartridges. I would also love an easy pneumatic testing function.

I’d like to hear what others in the community would add to the devices menu if given the chance.


I guess that’d be kinda nice, but when my team is testing our 3600 rpm we just tell it its a 100 rpm cartridge and then info it says is basically a reflection of the percent speed.


With flywheels in general it would be great to have the brain screen graph rpm, voltage and curret and if useing built in veolicity contorl would dispay that target line. This would be really usefull for newer and younger teams who have just started progarming and building and want to better understand their devices with out creating their own custom graphing program.

I would also like some way to maybe change the icon to better represend the component that motor is driving. Like the drive motors could set to show an omni wheel around the motor icon or maybe the flywheel or intake has a flexwheel. This would 1) cool 2) allow for easier understanding of what each motor corresponds too.