Way to test graphics on screen without brain with Vexcode v5 Text?

I want to test what the graphics on the brain screen would look like without the brain on Vexcode v5 text. Is there any way to do that?


VexCode V5 Text does not publicly have a function for testing graphics on a simulated brain screen. I hope that at some point this is added into the VexCode development, along with a Virtual Worlds environment, but it does not currently exist. I believe Robotmesh mimic has a function like that. I am no expert on Robotmesh.


Tetris in VEXcode


ok. @John_TYler I’m trying to use the “Mimic” in RMS but when I click run, the brain just kinda flies away. Help!

There are a few special parts that gravity doesn’t apply to in the misc heading: fields, field tiles, etc. But the V5 screen simulation just pops up as a separate thing on screen when you start running screen commands, and doesn’t actually require any parts to be in the robot editor.


@John_TYler just one more question tho. How does header files work on RMS online?

Same way that they do everywhere else, but online does not let you provide your own. All of the standard C++ headers are available, as well as the headers for our API.

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