WD40 in IQ

I was wondering if the use of lubricants like WD40 is legal IQ.

I don’t believe that this would be competition legal

A little off topic, but I would like to note that WD-40 is not a lubricant.
It’s a water displacer, hence WD.

Don’t use WD-40 for robotics, I have heard stories of people using it in their motors to try to make it run smoother and destroying them . Use something like white lithium grease instead.

To try to answer the question, I would say that if the manual says nothing about lubricants, assume it’s illegal. The VRC manual specifically allows them.


The relevant rule here is R7:

<R7> VEX IQ product line. Robots may be built ONLY from Official Robot Components from the VEX IQ product line, unless otherwise specifically noted within these rules.

Since there are no lubricants in the VEX IQ product line, and no rule specifically allows lubricants (or WD40), no lubricants are allowed.


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Hmnn. I’ve written it into my notebooks before and judges have brought it up during interviews as legal and useful. Guess not then.
Also, does anyone know why it’s legal in EDR but not IQ?

it’s not. in the vrc manual they specifically state that wd40 is illegal. other lubricants are legal in vrc tho, but aerosols and super thick ones aren’t

edit: i might just be straight up wrong at this point but i had thought i’d seen something in the lubricant rule (R8b) that specifically mentioned wd40 in the TT manual and assumed the rule carried over to this year, but i just looked in the CU manual and don’t see any mention of wd40, but the other parts of the lubricant rule are still there. weird

The main reason for restricting lubricant types for VRC is to reduce the chance that it could leak on the field tiles and damage/alter their properties permanently.

For IQ, lubrication is, probably, not necessary because plastic IQ parts have low enough coefficient of friction, robots weight less, and in general you don’t push your designs to the edge powerwise as much as VRC does.

Also, WD-40 is not recommended for plastic parts anyways, since it contains solvents and may damage them in the long term.


You can view the WD-40 Material Safety Data Sheet here. It states less than 35% of it is “petroleum base oil”. The rest is naphtha solvent (Gasoline, more or less) and carbon dioxide propellant.

It’s not a terribly good lubricant, and spray lubricants are explicitly banned by rule R8b, as Ethan5956F noted, but it does have some lubrication properties.


It actually depends. There rules say:


Some is aerosol based, but I have purchased a version of WD-40 that isn’t aerosol based.

In general, take a minute to verify that the rules say what you are saying they say. The rules don’t even mention WD-40, but you said that it is specifically stated. If you get in the habit of actually quoting the rule, then things will be more clear in general.


you seem to have missed this part. I made this edit within like 10 minutes of my original post. looked a little further afterwards and it’s not in the tt manual either, so it seems i was just imagining things. regardless, my point stands.

in general, take a minute to verify that the person said what you are saying they say. if you get in the habit of actually reading the quote, then things will be more clear in general : )


I will not recomend to not use WD-40 in VexIq even tho it is not illegal. Reason behind this is that WD-40 has a Chemical that can go through the moter port and destroy the moter. After you put WD-40 on the moter it will not show it the affect of it but later on through out the month the moter will start making weird nosies and dies.

Just to let u guys know`` i Did this once and I got in big trouble from my dad


Yes I see. Sorry about that. Every time I go to fast it seems like I’m on my mobile… Should stop posting from my phone…

I had to once bring the bottle of non-aerosol WD-40 to show someone who said that my student’s bot had an issue with it. I may still be a little on edge!

And from TT:



Just providing the screenshot. I like screenshots.

all good : )

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Just to clarify: lubricants of any kind – not just WD40 but any lubricating compound – are not legal for use in the VEX IQ Challenge. See my post earlier in this thread: