We need a driver for worlds!

We need a driver for worlds! One of our team drivers isn’t able to make. We just found out today. The team is qualified and paid, but we need a partner for the elementary. Does any one have a spare driver? Perhaps a sibling who’s not with a team but will be at worlds? Our robot is relatively easy to drive (claw-bot derivative) and fast.

Team 10256G should have five team members present, and one may be willing to drive for another team. You can check with us on Sunday.


We may also have a spare driver. One of our families has two children that were on different teams, one team made it to Worlds, but the other did not. The daughter is in elementary and has two years driving experience. However, she may be used to a different type of driving program; not like Driver Control. We’ll see. Send me a private message for more details, or look for one of the 3333 Bumble Bee teams and ask to talk to Jerry or Louise.

Glad to hear. Good luck to your team.