We now have 2 *AIR CYLINDERS*, what type of titler should we do?

Hi Again,

We recently got another AIR CYLINDER, not permanent, as if one of the teams that isnt wanting pneumatics rn wants em, I got to give it up. With that knowledge, and the fact that worlds is 2 weeks away, is it smart to switch to a 2775 J mech from our goats mech? our mech doesnt work rn

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I hope you can get those pistons stuck back into their air cylinders! Nobody ever complains about the armatures getting out of the motors, but those pistons seem to escape all the time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Depends if your current one works well then don’t . You don’t want to mess up a good thing. If your current system is lacking force then just add the 2cnd pneumatic to the system.

I’m loving this meme:


doesnt work rn, and was wondering if there were any benefits to goats that 2775j doesnt have and vice versa

To my knowledge the two work pretty similarly. I don’t know your robot and where you have everything in it, but 2775j mech does require a good amount of space, while goats mech can be kept relatively small if you do it right. It all depends on your robot. If you sent images of it you might get better advice.