Weekly Challenge 2020 - Week One 16 March - 22 March - Sticker me!

Stickers. We all love stickers. There at thousands of stickers out there. My grandmunchkin has stickers from Sponge Bob to Frozen to Paw Patrol to Barbie to … well there really isn’t space to name them all.

They are everywhere, they have stickerfied my laptop, cell phone, pretty much every flat surface in my house has a sticker on it.

They get it from me. I have a ton of parts boxes, they have team stickers, VEX stickers, RobotC stickers, my stuff looks like NASCAR threw up on it.

Our personality comes out with our stickers. Many of us have laptops, covered with stickers.

This weeks challenge is to show us your stickers. Post a picture of your laptop with your stickers. Or post a drawing of what your laptop would look like if you could put stickers on it (Disclaimer, my work laptop is sticker free, because it’s umm theirs?) If you are doing a rendering, you are limited to 17" wide by 12" deep.

  • Stickers with @DRow for GDC will not be awarded points
  • Robot stickers will be awarded points if they are other robots. (Think Lost in Space, Planet 9, etc.)
  • Non family friendly entries will be disqualified
  • points for
    – old robot events
    – older VEXIQ or VEX EDR events
    – stickers for an event you went to
    — robot event
    — strange music event
    — a robot sponsor

3 - 2 - 1 Go Sticker!


Here’s my laptop:


image robot


So far less than a handful of contestants for this weeks challenge.

A reminder, if you have a laptop that you don’t/can’t sticker up don’t despair. Arrange your stickers in a rectangle (limited to 17" x 12".

I will make a personal request, if you have used some really unique sticker(s) tell us about them. I was interested in the SAGE sticker on @JMecham20 laptop.


Stickers of Note (Left to Right):

Prova Sticker: Cameron Schiller (formerly 62A) started a backpack company around 2018.
Vex Robotics Tennessee State Championship Sticker
I Love Robots Sticker
HAL 9001: My sister team (2775H) made this sticker last year.
NATM: Interestingly this is the 2019 sticker. I didn’t put a 2020 one on my laptop.


The SAGE sticker you are talking about is a Commercial Resupply Services sticker. I think it is basically companies sending payloads to the International Space Station with experiments or other cargo.

I didn’t know this until I looked it up, but STP-H5 and SAGE are two different payloads sent into space. You can read about them here: STP-H5, SAGE III

I have no idea where this sticker came from because my sister gave it to me. I think she got it when she was hunting around for stickers for herself and just thought I would like it. I think it’s pretty cool.

I mean I have like 30 battlebot stickers. They aren’t on my laptop but do those count? I can take a picture and slap them here if they do

I think I’m slightly outside the 17 by 12 limit but whatever. Anyways, I have quite a few stickers, almost all of them from battlebot teams!image


Missing the other side panel, but this is from our robot this season. We got that authentic EZ sticker. Not many can say that.


Where did you get that knight sticker? That honestly looks just like our school mascot.

It’s the school mascot of one of our teammates. Most of these were self-printed.

That’s cool. I was just surprised how similar it looks. This is ours


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Here’s my laptop :slightly_smiling_face:



Since I didn’t keep my robotics stickers from the 7 years I’ve been in VEX, one of my friends wanted to share his collection instead. He didn’t put them on his laptop but enjoy! :smile:


Hi! I’m just wondering, when will the winners be announced and when will the next challenge be released? :smile:


Tough choices here.

I love the clean ordered look of @CreeperHugger laptop. Sticker placed with some thought, love the Battle at the Hill Sticker.

On the other hand @PhoenixGold has a good collection of other stickers

@Sylvie went outside the box and their Microchip sticker matches one that I have on a parts box.

@2775Joshhas a good set of stickers, the much coveted “Night at the museum” in a prime location. I have one of the Prova backpacks, it’s not a daily driver, but I use it for event computers.

But I’m drawn to the gritty style of @JMecham20’s laptop. He shows off a multi dimensional nature of robots, love of yoyo, a homage to the Turtles. It’s a work in progress, I love the layering of stickers as things that are important happen to @JMecham20.

This weeks winner is @JMecham20. You can collect your $40 in VEX parts from me now (send me a list) or wait until the last week of April (last contest) and put in one big order if you win again.

Thanks to everyone that entered.

Sorry about the delay in getting this judged. Next contest soon!