What all VEX IQ kits do we need for the competition?

Hi there,
We are starting a new team to try VEX IQ. We have bought the following kits already:

  1. IQ Competition Kit (2nd Generation) : SKU 228-7980
  2. VIQC Slapshot Full Field Element & Game Element Kit : SKU 228-7506
    We just realized that these did not include the base surface. It looks like we have to order the following:
    VEX IQ Competition Field Perimeter & Tiles SKU#: 228-7396.
    Is there anything else needed besides the above three kits for VEX IQ Slapshot Competition?

That should be everything to get you started! A second battery is a must, and then buy other parts based on what you need for your specific design, as and when you need them.

Then get your team registered at www.robotevents.com and you are all set.


You ask a good question.

In my opinion it used to be

  • VEX IQ Super Kit
  • VEX IQ Foundation Add-on Kit
  • VEX IQ Competition Kit

Within our School District, we are reevaluating what a “minimum” competitive setup per team - not per school - would be.

And it is complicated because of where each school and their teams are situated. Some have had zero investment over 4 years, whereas others are well stocked until 2nd Gen ate their budget.

A quick look at the 2nd Gen Competition Poster suggest the following

  • 2 motors - to get to the maximum 6 allowed per rule
  • Plate and Specialty Beam Assortment or some subset such as
    • Large Plate Add-on Pack
    • 4x Plate Base Pack
    • 4x Plate Foundation Add-on Pack

Otherwise the 2nd Gen Competition Kit comes with a little of everything that will produce a (one) competitive robot allowed per rule.


The 2nd Gen Competition Kit does include 6 motors but they are shown in two places on the poster.
Four are part of the base Education Kit so are on page 1, and the other two are part of the Competition Add On and are on page 2.


Thanks. My bad. I did the quick and dirty speed scan.

I am a rookie coach to competing this year as I started new teams this fall. We dabbled last year but did not compete due to supply chain issues affecting timing as well as events recovering under COVID protocols. What you have described, including the competition field perimeter will definitely get you started for competition. The nice thing about the VIQC field is that if you need to pick it up, say for the summer for a room to be cleaned (I’m in a classroom), is that it is easy to set up/take down and move.

The Competition Kit comes in 4 handled cases. If you have more than one team, label the cases with the teams’ names. Also, label your controller and battery to make sure that they are with the correct robot. As someone else mentioned, I would purchase an additional battery for both the brain and the controller. You will also need to have a wall charger to plug in the battery and controller for charging, and may also want to get additional USB-A to USB-C cables as the kit only comes with one. I bought these wall chargers from Amazon for my teams to use at a specified charging station area in my classroom (I coach 5 teams) Amazon.com and these USB cables to make sure we have enough: Amazon.com

You may find that as you go along, team members may want/need additional amounts of parts or different colors to match their team colors, which you can purchase from VEX.

As questions come up, please do post. I have found the VIQC community on this forum to be very helpful. Also, reach out to your area rep for RobotEvents. I’d keep an eye on grant opportunities on Robot Events. There is a mentor/mentee grant that may come up in the late spring or during the summer that can be a great help to you. Mine didn’t get accepted due to the timing of my submitting the application in the grant cycle with the number of applications, but if your area has any kind of mentor/mentee opportunity, jump on it.

Hope this helps!

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