What are some of your guy’s robot ideas for over under

I was think of making a shooter bot but then the guy at worlds said that would not work so I am clueless at this point


First of all, please make sure that you select the appropriate category for your question.
Second, I’m thinking claw bot is a good start. But, I will also conduct more research over the summer for more ideas.


I was thinking the Bot would have an empty area low to the bot with a motor that rotates a flat sheet of metal located in the front than we drive into a triball so that it is held inside the empty space, the front then rotates the metal back, trapping the triball, we would then drive to a goal and have the front lowered and something would push the triball into the goal

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I don’t suggest to use clawbot for the competition. The hand is quite hard to operate, what I suggest to do is suck the ball up and then put it down and push under the net.