What are your drive train set ups?

One of our robot does mecanum drive, 4m 200rpm

on another one of our robots we plan to do 4 motor 600 rpm. Is that viable and what would be the downsides to that? I’m thinking if you don’t have enough torque to shove up on them the whole time, but you might be able to gain some acceleration beforehand to knock them a little. We also are not doing 4 omnis, i think it will be too easy to get shoved like that. The robot would be focusing on intaking speed so we can start doing towers earlier.

It is just a trade-off you have to consider: be able to go faster than opponents or be able to push opponents.

You need to consider strategies like…

  • will you need to go fast between cubes and goal zones or can you hold lots of cubes
  • will you need to fight for towers
  • will you need to fight for cubes

When considering mecanum wheels they have some downsides. If you are interested here is a topic with some good post about this Omni wheel vs Mecanum.

Also some team require motors for other systems and have only a 2 motor base. This doesn’t work with mecanum wheels and is half the power, but the rest of the robot might need it.

H-drive is another option, but it requires more motors. It does have advantages like not being push-able sideways, unlike standard omni-wheel drives, and having smooth and much more lossless motion. It can also be paired with vex differentials.

My team is going with h-drive for now.

IMO, 600 rpm drive is way too fast if you’re going to be using 4" wheels. As a good rule of thumb, 300rpm on 4"is a about as fast as you can get while still having useful control over the robot.

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