What base should I use for Tower Takeover

Help! I don’t know what base to use for my robot.

Well since I have no clue to what your ideas or plans are, I would suggest a base with wheels and motors that can move. Also, use some c-channel to allow you to mount some stuff. But you should probably have wheels.


How advanced is your building? Have a look at these for ideas.

A good catch all base would be a wide drivetrain that is 18 x 18 inches. This would provide maximum stability.
For legacy, I’ve heard that 6 motor drivebase r good. For v5 maybe 2 motors or 4.


Don’t build to big if you don’t need the space. Or you will run into spacing issues if you need something to be out in front of your robot.


I agree, that’s why my drivebase is super short.
But generally, since we dont know what his/her plans are, we’ll just assume

Out of curiosity, what do you mean by super short?

What are you trying to make base for your robot for? light,heavy, fast, slow, strong, or maneuverable. I need to know more what you want.

Ok, thanks for the ideas

Drivebase probably isn’t more than 12 inches

Personally I’d go for a base that is as low to the ground as physically possible (but not scrapping the ground) have the wheels fully enclosed while having the base as long and wide as can be. That’s about the simplest way I can think of that is super effective.


A couple considerations:

  • Make sure you can drive up the goal zone “bumps” without scraping the ground.
  • The more space between your wheels, the more stable you’ll be.
  • Consider several common designs for your drive base: tank-drive works well enough in most cases, but mecanums or X-drive are nice for increased maneuverability at the expense of strength, and H-drive is the best of both worlds as long as you have a spare motor.
  • For legacy, 6 to 8 motors is most common (go for 8 if you want to push people around), and for v5, 4 to 6 motors. At Turning Point Worlds, the vast majority of robots had 4 motor v5, with a small minority having 6 motor for increased pushing power.

Wheels: Almost always a good idea.


5x5 plates are a fine substitute

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Somebody I know once came up with a waddling robot design that “would win all the design awards”, which used 6" Wheel Legs (the 4-pointed rubber-tipped pieces) attached at slightly different angles instead of wheels.



That means it should have wheels

Everyone knows nautilus gears are the best.


Where there’s not really any major bumps this year I’m actually using 2.75” inch wheels on my drive, as their smaller size allows your cg to be a little lower and extend your support base a little bit. Granted I don’t have a field kit yet so I haven’t been able to see how bad the goal zone bump is going to be, but that’s my two cents.

That is beautiful
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