What do you guys think will be the best way to get the blue dispenser in slapshot?

In my opinion, I think pulling the blue dispenser down, somewhat like Ben Lipper’s design is the best way. But our team is still debating what to use. What are your thoughts?

Our team also uses a similar method because we have a hopper bot. Another way I have seen hopper bots get the blue dispenser is with an arm that hits it from behind. Although, if you have an intake bot, vertical lifts seem to be the best way to get it. As for your team, I would just say try them all and see what works best.


@DrumrollPlease. We have a hopper bot as well and everything is finished besides the autonomous and the blue dispenser mechanism. We hold the pucks in a box and dump them into our seesaw. We will try out as many ideas as we can but we just want to know others opinions. Thanks for sharing!