What do you hope to see at Worlds 2021?

What are you guys hoping to see at the Virtual VEX Robotics World Championship this season? Is there anything you’re looking forward to, and is there any burning desires that you’d want the REC Foundation to fulfill (other than having Worlds be in-person this season)? With new technology comes new opportunities. In fact, I hear @TaranMayer is working on a new LRS Event Console. Hopefully this year’s World Championship will be quite exciting thanks to the new technology we have and the amount of effort the REC Foundation has been putting into it!


A lower cost‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎


I hope there’s still festivities somehow, I don’t know how it would work but worlds is jammin, gotta keep up the fun despite the limitations.


This is something that we hear, but you need to understand that from a cost analysis perspective the price of Worlds is justified. I can do everything in my power to make the LRS Worlds experience amazing for teams for the price that you’re paying, but I have absolutely no control over what that price is.


I hope to see the end of change up and a new game that isn’t this mechanically un- challenging, but all we can do is wait


can’t agree more.

I’m really interested to see what the next game is. From the information we have about the price of the field, I have a feeling it’s going to be one of the most complex games we’ve ever seen. After change up, I think we can all use a bit of complexity and challenge (hopefully this ages well)


Also, I will be keeping my eyes on this thread very closely. If anyone has any questions, I’ll try to do my best to answer them as I can. Feel free to leave suggestions with me either in this public thread or privately via email, DM, or on Discord. You can also message @Brad_Lauer, as he is the point-person for worlds at the RECF.


I know you keep saying this, and that we’ve talked about it, but I’d still like to see @Brad_Lauer or some other RECF member actually come out with an explanation of the cost. It seems insanely high from a value perspective for teams, so it’d be nice for someone to officially explain why.

I know that we’re not gonna get one, since Brad has dodged and ignored my questions about it in the past, but I think it would help teams justify paying that huge fee if they knew that it wasn’t just going to lining RECF’s pockets.


Unfortunately, we simply have to trust in the REC Foundation in their ability to deliver a high quality tournament experience. Keep in mind that we have always been in the dark for the details of the World Championship. They’ve given us the agenda and explained the divisions, but they haven’t told us anything about what will happen during the week of the event. This is on purpose; it’s meant to be a huge surprise. As someone who has never gone to Worlds in person, I’m able to look at the event in a positive light and imagine the best outcome for it. However, this also means I do not fully understand the pain of the people who were wishing for an in-person World Championship. While $495 is an expensive price tag for seemingly sitting in your garage/living room/classroom and putting balls in goals, keep in mind that not only does the RECF have more festivities planned, but they also have to ship out all the medals and awards for the teams who win them. Do not imagine that Virtual Worlds this year will be anything like last year. This is not a one hour live stream, this is a one week event with teams actually competing for awards.


My best guess would be the amount of money they lost last year from the fantasy world tournament. Sponsors that would usually be there obviously can’t be there, more teams have withdrawn from the season, there are lots of costs to cover that they lost this year.


I can assure you that of all the places it could be going, this is absolutely not it. I too agree that if Brad or Dan could maybe release the RECF 2020/2021 Financials (Yes, I noticed you didn’t post those like you usually do), it might help teams feel more okay with the fee.

If anyone want some things to think about when estimating costs:

  • Dozens of refs/volunteers need to be flown to Texas and kept in hotels for 2 weeks
  • Servers need to be paid for
  • RECF labor needs to be paid for

And multiply this a few times for LRT as well, which I hear had some pretty major production costs. Basically what I’m saying is that the entry fee is going towards paying for running the event, NOT making a profit off of running it.

And, uh, seeing as they’re keeping me in the dark still on a lot of the scheduling, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Expect to show up, do your runs, and maybe participate in a virtual ceremony of some kind. Other than that I’m not sure what teams should expect at this point.


The parade of nations is still happening according to the agenda, so yes, there is a ceremony of sorts it seems.


I should probably ask Brad if I’m supposed to be doing something for that… lol


Just how much of Worlds are you responsible for…? :flushed:

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Supposedly just the Event Console software, but we all know what happens when you’re supposed to be working on one thing, and all of a sudden you have a million different responsibilities. Like last Saturday I was helping run the Oregon State Championships, and this Wednesday I’m running another LRS event for the RECF.


the COST should not be a surprise


…It isn’t? The cost is $495. Says so right on the box.


I think the biggest problem with the price is that 500$ is what recf needs to charge in order to cover their expenses from not only this event, but for all their expenses throughout the past season including the losses from TT worlds being cancelled. But many teams probably can’t justify spending 500$ in order to drive on their own field. The price might not match the value of the experience for some teams, but it does match the value of the expenses. Basically what I’m saying is that its unfortunate that is does cost as much as it does, but I don’t think recf can necessarily afford to lower that price, so we shouldn’t be demanding that they do. Just keep in mind, you aren’t paying 500$ for this one event, you’re paying 500$ to cover the expenses of all of recf’s hard work this season.


:wave: Hi Dan! Good to see you on this fine day. Glad to see speedy attention to this thread from RECF folk.


Lining RECF’s pockets?!? I honestly find that insulting. We are a 501c3 Not For Profit. We provide STEM programs for over 500,000 students in over 70 countries, including over 27,000 VEX Robotics teams (pre pandemic).

We do not have share holders where we have to deliver a dividend. We do not VCs that we need to pay back their investment. We do not deliver profit sharing checks. What we do have is a staff of 50 full time and 30 part time employees that we continued to pay through the pandemic. We provide health care and paid vacation and other benefits. We have travel costs to the events we support. And we have an office and IT support and computers and utilities. We have Accounting to cash checks and process EP payments. We have a truck and trailer to deliver fields for events. We have a shipping department that sends welcome kits and other products. We provide discounts to EPs to purchase fields and game equipment. We have staff that helps design the games and develops all the documentation you read. We pay for Robot Events and Tournament Manager. We also have spent a large amount of resources to develop the LRT (and now LRS) systems and we have had a staff of 6-7 employees working every Wednesday night, Thursday night and all day Saturday to support events.

We are fortunate to have great sponsors that fund some of these programs. And we have collect team registration fees to help cover staffing costs. But team registration fees are significantly down this year and we still have real costs to develop and run LRT / LRS events.

For Live Remote VEX Worlds, Staffing and travel is the largest expense but the cost for the additional equipment is not insignificant and we still have a production company to help put it all together. We also have Networking fees and and software licenses to pay. And we have the trophies, banners and medals to purchase and ship.

I’m hoping this provides you some insight that we are not lining our pockets.