What Do you think about Change Up

What do you think about the new game Change Up, When I was talking with my team we thought that it would be pretty easy to max out skills, and we were wondering what you were thinking about the game?


I agree that it would be easy to max out skills. Wallbots or robots with wallbot features (deployable walls) might be a viable design because you could block that small knocking out area.


I think that vex could have made a more complex game. Last year they just said “stack blocks” and this year they said “play tic tac toe with a twist ”


I am personally disappointed that one mechanism can do all gameplay. There is no variation in tube height or a different way to score. In tower takeover you had to stack blocks and score in towers. In this game it is all scoring in tubes.


its gateway, but I like it


Gateway without gates
Toss up without beach balls
Plus tic tac toe


I wish there was more than one scoring element, the game itself feels more simpler than the past, but I am excited to figure out different strategies and designs. The WP stuff is cool imo and the whole tic-tac-toe scoring is interesting.


I just did three years of VEX iq, and this game looks like a pretty good game to start out V5.


I feel like this game and last year’s game don’t let us use V5’s full potential. The motors now are so much more powerful - where’s the climb or the hang or two different sized/shaped scoring elements to work with or both something low to go under along with something high to score in… Tower Takeover and Change Up could easily be done with the old 12 motor cortex system. It’s kind of a let down.


This is still a transitional year ( Cortex to V5 ) for lots of teams. So I think it’s good that the GDC didn’t push the issue.


I think it is a good MS and novice HS game - I think it is not great for really experienced teams.


I would imagine that this game will allow many designs to be competitive and not have a one design meta


This should be a good game for less experienced teams, because even a modified clawbot should be able to do relatively well in matches, especially toward the beginning of the season.


The extra win point is a huge advantage teams should take. Two balls per Alliance Goals are already placed before the start of the match. It would not be that hard to get a Win Point.


There should be a vex games tier list.


This game will be maxed out by the summer. Teams will easily max skills, probably in a couple months honestly. The meta is going to be too easy, just like tower takeover. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, but these initial reactions are negative. I mean there are teams who might be able to go to worlds with a TT robot. In a weaker region, some slightly modified TT robots will dominate. That seems lame to me. I will say auton is cool, that will separate the stronger and weaker.


There will most likely be more diversity than tt though. I like the game, and I sort of agree with maxing out skills. It’s gonna be really hard to do it considering how the fields are set up for skills

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it is easy to max skills


the task of putting balls into goals is one of, if not the easiest challenges for vrc. this means that novice teams will have a better time getting a functional robot, but it also means that at higher levels of play, the game will be positively frantic with action, as the robots will be able to perform the tasks very quickly. There doesn’t seem to be any issues at all with motor limits this year, which I like. And there are multiple viable ways to complete a task as basic as this one, which will probably lead to some design diversity, which I also like. However, as an aspiring engineer I really just don’t feel challenged at all with this game. Its more of a driving contest than it is an engineering challenge to be completely honest. I like it more than tower takeover but less than turning point.


It seems like it will be more strategy then bot. Speed will be big too.