What do you think is a more efficient way to drive your robot?

what is the most efficient way to drive your robot? I think its tank drive because you would have more control over what you’re doing. I was just wondering what other people think is the better way to drive.


Yes, tank drive is the best drive. I have no idea why other people would do arcade, other than to free up the other joystick for something else


Well 2-stick arcade is not necessarily more efficient, but is easier to control.


I find arcade the best yes because it free’s up a joystick and I like controlling the bot with one stick. Feels easier to me. :man_shrugging:


if you don’t need an extra joystick would you still use arcade?

Personally, I would.

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If y’all aren’t using motors to drive you guys are obviously amateurs to vex.


Pneumatic drive


Passive drive will win worlds


the most efficient is whatever you prefer.


Yes, probably. As I said only using one joystick to control the entire chassis is nice for me.

I use arcade with 2 joysticks where one controls forward backward and the other controls turning


I prefer tank due to the more accurate and intuitive control with tank drives. With H or any type of Holonomic drive I prefer to use arcade. Left stick is forward and side to side, right stick is for turning.


Tank drive doesn’t work for x or h drive because they can also move side to side.
For a tank-like base the theoretically best controls are arcade drive, forward and backwards on one joystick and turning on the other. This let’s you drive perfectly straight or exactly turn at any speed. With tank drive it is very hard to get the two to the exact same value, or exact opposite values for turning. Drive with curves is possible with both as long as for arcade drive the joystick values are all added together. Arcade all on one joystick also makes it hard to drive straight since you cannot get the turning axis to be exactly 0.

In practice this doesn’t matter since the errors are small and drivers can easily adjust. In the end it is just the preference of the driver.

What my team does is just have the two modes and the driver can use which ever they want. (We simply have a button on the joystick to switch modes)

However tue professionals screw together the two controllers in such a way as to be able to control the robot with all 4 joystick using one hand.



Here’s the thing.

If you look at all the robots that have done exceptionally well in the past, you’ll see that all three (four if you include holonomic), have made it to RR (round robin) and been incredibly successful. Each control scheme will have their own properties, which can play to your strengths or weaknesses. At the end of the day, whichever control scheme you’re comfortable with, and have practiced with, will be the one that does the best for you. Sometimes, you need to use all three, and then make a decision, other times, the controls will come super naturally to you. At the end of the day, you will be able to control your robot the exact same way, make it do the exact same motions, with enough practice, with whatever layout.

With that said, with the cortex joystick, if you drive tank, you are able to ‘crab’ the controller and bring your index fingers up to use all 8 face buttons, while using the two thumbs on the joysticks (tank only, because you need the extra stability), and use your third and fourth fingers on the back. This takes some getting used to, and does require a lot of practice. On v5, as far as i’m aware, your only option to use all the functions is a scuff controller.

I would personally drive arcade or tank, arcade because it combines the entire robot super seamlessly, it’s like point at a direction and you will go there, while tank is something intuitive that doesn’t require me to remap my brain. Split arcade is a great layout, by all means, but to me, when I use it I have to constantly remember how to actually use the layout, which has bit us in stressful situations (more practice could’ve helped though).


what would you guys use for x drive

I mean there’s X-Drive’s and meccanums.

for X-drive, the general layout is one side handles forward/backward/left/right (so anything translational), while either face buttons or joysticks handle rotation.

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2 stick arcade is better. With 2 stick arcade, your right thumb is free to press buttons as your drive forward. Tank is just lazy imo. Arcade is easy to program and makes everything easier on the driver.

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What we did with our meccanums was have basic arcade on one stick and then left and right on the other stick strafed side to side.