What flywheel RPM do you like?

I’ve been seeing a lot of videos recently with ridiculous flywheel gear ratios, like 1:49 or greater, which leads to a final wheel speed of over 3000RPM. I would like to get a feel for what flywheel RPM your teams are using, and what gear ratios you use to achieve that.

Team 2442A is using a turbo gearset geared 1:7 for a speed of 1680RPM.

Are you looking for double or single flywheel speeds (or both)? Single flywheels will mostly be faster.

Btw I think you may have a typo since you have >500 and <4500 (which all flywheels are more than 500 and less than 4500). Since I voted for less than 4500 I can’t change my vote but my flywheel is in the 500 - 1000 rpm range.

That’s a good point that I didn’t consider. I was assuming a dual flywheel. With a single flywheel you could put the 4 or however many motors you have on a single wheel and manage a bigger ratio.

We use a double flywheel with 5" wheels and torque motors geared 49:3, for a theoretical free speed of about 1633 rpm. We can make shots from the starting tile when the flywheel is spinning at about 1400-1500 rpm, and anything higher actually overshoots.

I mistakenly clicked the wrong button, my team has the edge of our wheels moving at 31.5 fps for full court shots, so that would work out to about 1400 RPM we use speed motors geared 1 to 21 to 5 in wheels

The current flywheel on my robot is a single flywheel geared 35 to 1 with two 4" wheels run by 4 torque motors. It runs at about 2500 rpm for full court shots (at 110 power).

I work in Hz as a more usable unit, but anyway…

We started with a huge 1:49 ratio, but with any blockage etc, this caused issues for the motors. We tried several designs and now have a 1:21 set-up with an output of around 45Hz (2500 RPM). More consistent speed and a little more accurate.

For my flywheel I am running a total of 1:33.6 and i calculated the total rpm to be around 5000 rpm but that total causes the balls to shoot well over the goal so I am only running at around half power and I can last a whole match with one motor per side.


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