What is a PID?

Hey, I’ve heard a lot of talk about PIDs. I see them everywhere in coding discussions, but I don’t think I’ve seen exactly what they are. Could someone explain them to me so I could maybe implement them for me team this year?

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PID is an type of programming method for your robot to do things with exact precision, using either sensors on your motors (not preferred to use) or other sensors like Inertial/Gyroscope, Encoders, Potentiometer.
Think PID as auto correcting autonomous.
PID can be use to turn your robot to exact degree, Robots drive an certain distance without overshooting it, or keep Flywheels spinning at an set speed.

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This is a good resource for a variety things BLRS wiki PID


Get ready for someone from BLRS to say something along the lines of “Thats a great link!”

That’s a great link!

I would also recommend reading this article George Gillard PID. It is one of my favorite articles about PID.


Thanks you all. I’ll be sure to read those documents and see if I can make something for the season