What is the wackiest thing that's happened during competition?

For us, our first competition there were FOUR successfully parked robots during an elimination, and the match was decided by 1 point. What about you?

We had three Ties in a row this weekend in one QF.

I flipped 3 caps onto their edge in one match

Since I had no competitions this year yet, last year I had a tilted cone on a mobile goal. That cone had another cone on it but it was vertical. The ref ended up giving us points for only the vertical one.

One time in starstruck we snapped every axel in our lift during a semifinal match. Surprisingly we lost. There were 6 axels. This year on the other hand I accedentialy shot myself in the face during skills.

Last year at our first comp I replaced a set of joystick batteries from what I thought was the “charged” bin. When I got to the match, the joystick wouldn’t turn on. RIP.

The year before, at one point, we had a gear ratio on our lift that stripped out the shaft hole in some high-strength gears. I think the gear actually cracked.

I was scoring the finals match for the Washington State Tournament last year, we had 2 ties (Which, whenever something like that occurs, we rescore 2 or 3 times to make sure), a 20 minute long discussion on a rules violation, which ultimately went through. The 6th round of the finals was won by 2 points, and on top of all that, it was the 5th seed beating the 2nd seed.
It was by far the longest single series I had ever gone through.

@Kashan hussain I think you’re mixing up semifinal 2 and the finals. Semifinal 2 had a tie in the first round and wound up going 2-1-1, and the finals were the ones decided by DQ in round 2 but only went to round 3, no ties.

But if you wanted a game for ties, Skyrise would be the game to glare at disapprovingly.

At a comp two years ago, I was waiting for our next match, and noticed there was always this girl that would walk by our table to wave hi. I knew she was waving to me, since I was the only one there (sly). When it came to lunch-time, she talked to me about getting her snap. I told her I didn’t have one, but never thought to ask for her number…

So far the strangest thing that has happened to us at a competition is we grabbed the wrong controller, and we couldn’t control the robot the whole match… Our instructor just laughed when we told him. Thinking back it was hilarious. At the same competition, our catapult wasn’t working even though it had the day before. About halfway through the competition we realized that it was because we mounted the license plates on it… just that little bit of weight made a huge difference.

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We accidentally hit the ref in the face in NBN. Oops.

We didn’t make it to eliminations at State last year. I decided to tear off a flap of our… colorfully decorated robot box and crudely attach it to our robot, and started driving around.
There were laughs to be had.
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@John TYler Sorry, it was a long tournament that day its hard to remember those things XD

One time in 2009 the GDC and RECF made some good decisions. Pretty whacky, I know.

:slight_smile: At a regional in ITZ, we had to play against 1437Z in semifinals and 6007X in finals, both of whom were better than us. However, in both semifinals 1 and 2, 1437Z fell over, and then in finals, 6007X had issues with their cortex. We ended up winning the tournament against two teams that were undeniably better than us.


In ITZ our alliance partners and us put 2 mobile goals in the 20 point zone in autonomous. But we still won

Shot a ref in the head 2 days ago…

The ref didn’t know that skills was only one minute and gave half the teams two minutes. We somehow still got the highest combined score, then the ref lost our autonomous score and we didn’t win.

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at my last comp the ref caught a ball that was launched at him, then looked down at it, laughed, and was hit by another ball. some team also accidentally launched their balls in the wrong direction and hit themselves.

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At my last comp, our brain screen went white during the middle of the match and our controller disconnected from the brain. Also, we managed to screw up our autonomous because our alliance and my team ended up going for the red platform. My team’s robot flipped and we ended up losing the match. It was in playoffs too.