What is the worst advice you could give?

Umm… this is for worst advice…

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Yeah. I guess context matters. There is a difference between plagiarism and using other people’s ideas.

Here is an example from when I was a judge at worlds a few years ago:

We chose to use jpearmon’s flywheel code because we lack the knowledge in math to create code that can control the flywheel.
We spent a lot of time doing research and wrote all of that code. We had no outside help.

The team chose the latter of the two options. The second one may sound more impressive to a judge, but when you get found out (they did), people call into question everything you have done in the past. I know of people who got thrown out of institutions due to plagiarism. Just best to avoid it all together.

Hopefully I am not going to get a /whoosh :smiley:


/whoosh im sorry i had to

Interesting story. What do you think would’ve happened if they chose the first option?

To be brief and direct:
They probably would have won a design or judges award in their division.

Just don’t lie about the things you make. I think they did it because they wanted to impress the judges. I don’t believe there was any malicious intent. We were already blown away with what they have done to get to worlds.


Now THAT belongs in What is the best advice you could give?. Thanks for the great advice @dana!


Always go on the forums at 1 AM. That’s when the magic happens.


use kepsnuts and standoffs on your chassis only

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I mean, ours is held together by standoffs…

yeah but you are using locktite on those screws right

No, you wanna buy me some?

no also lmk when you replicate the 6142X jello chassis

be sure to use only “red” locktite! Red is for “readily removed” right??? :wink:


Actually, the green Locktite can be used as a substitute for the blue 242 Locktite.

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just use superglue its probably cheaper


why use superglue when you can just weld it?


Why weld it when you can forage it in the fires of Mt. Doom? (or whatever the name of the mountain is from the Lord of the Rings)


because it is really hard to retrieve(if there is anything to be retrieved ) also it costs one finger per piece of metal dumped

:roll_eyes: obviously

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Just tie some 1/8" braided nylon rope to it. That should make retrieval easy.

Yeah, but which team member is gollum?