What kit to buy

Hi guys!
Our team decided to compete in Change Up. We wanted to build an X drive + 4 bar lift, and we are unsure about what parts to buy. We have very limited expenses and parts (only a competition starter kit), and we don’t want to buy something expensive like the super kit for all the extra unnecessary kits. Which kits or parts would you recommend for buying? Any advice is appreciated!

For starters you need to get 3more motors for your robot
If you are building an xdrive for your base you need to have direct 200 rpm on all wheels to keep things simple
lets say 1 motor on the four bar lift and two motors for the intake.
And lastly get 45degree gussets for xdrive, tank treads and sprockets for the intake.


@Daryl, there was a big discussion about starter kit parts a while ago.

Here is a direct link to my post with part numbers and prices of parts that you may want to order in addition to the Competition Starter Kit.

After you look through that topic, please, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions regarding what parts would make sense to buy if you have limited budget.


Thank you!

I personally wouldn’t buy a kit, I would figure out what parts are needed and then buy them individually.


I think that could cause a lot of headaches. Because let’s say you designed the whole thing in CAD, and then you got all the parts you used in the CAD model in a package, and when you’re building it, you realize you want to make a change using parts that you didn’t buy. But if you bought a kit then (maybe) this problem could’ve been eliminated.

Full Disclosure:

I know this is not likely to happen, it’s just a thought.

IMO if someone has a limited budget its best to cad the robot or at least make blueprints and buy all the parts you think you need (plus maybe some spare motors or something) and then if you need anything else you buy it. Yes, this is a lot less time-efficient than having everything you need but most of the time you can find things to do in the time waiting for parts (like programming and making what you can with current parts). If you have a local shop that sells vex parts that’s useful because then you can get exactly what you need without sacrificing a lot of time.